Wicker Isle
Wicker Isle
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It all started with a missing son, Brody J. Evers, the father of this missing child is now the town drunk and a dishonorably retired F.B.I agent. Years later, still a loser, he receives a phone call from his ex-wife telling him of their missing son. Brody takes responsibility and tries to redeem himself by find his son. His investigation leads him to a place called Wicker Isle, an island lost in time and the history books. Brody enters the ominous and grim island with the hopes of finding his son, alive or dead. In this book, you will be treated to a unique reading experience like no other. Brody is not the only one looking for his son, find out what other characters enter Wicker Isle and see if their paths intertwine with each other. Be warned, this book is not for the weak hearted.... or weak minded.
October 31, 1978 (Footsteps) (Door open/closes) “What do we have?” (Police officer#1) “We caught these kids wandering out of the Never wood National Forest.” (Sips coffee) “They know that place is quarantined and forbidden to enter right?” (Police officer#1) “I am not sure they do sir.” “Are you saying that they are from out of town? Tourists maybe?” (Police officer #1) “I am not sure of that either.” “No driver’s license?” (Police officer #1) “No driver’s license, no passport, hell they don’t even have a government issued I.D, they have no form of identification whatsoever.” “You think they were mugged in the forest?” (Police officer #1) “It’s possible, I mean when we found them coming out of the forest they did look like they had been through hell.” “Did they resist arrest?” (Police officer #1) “No sir, but they did refuse to eat any of the meals that we provided for them, in fact they threw the tray at one of the officer’s serving them and attacked him.” “Which officer was it?” (Police officer #1) “Officer Dent sir” “I see………….. And did Dent provoke them?” (Police officer #1) “Not at all sir” “Where are they now?” (Police officer # 1) “We placed them in the interrogation rooms.” “And you separated them right?” (Police officer # 1) “Yes sir, would you like to interrogate them now?” “Yes, but my partner is sick tonight so, I want you leading the interrogation in the other room, do this good and I will put in a good word for you.” (Police officer # 1) “Thank you sir.” “Go to the second interrogation room and start questioning them, I’ll be in the other room concluding mine, is that understood?” (Police officer #1) “Of course sir.” “As you were Officer Thompson” (Interrogation room 1) (Footsteps) (Door opens/closes) (Pulls out chair) (Scooches chair) “How are you doing tonight?” (……………………………) “My name is detective Chambers, I would like to ask you a few questions if you were feeling up to it.” (……………………………….) (Sigh) “Okay so my first question would be, what is your name?” (………………………….) “Son…….” (…………………………..) “I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me.” (…………………………) (Martin) “My name is………….Ma…ma….Martin.” “Alright Martin, it’s good to meet you, how are you doing tonight?” (…………………..) “Okay, can I get you need anything? Water? A bite to eat?” (Martin) “I want to go home……” “Look son, I want to get you home as much as anything, but you need to answer a few questions first, okay?” (………………………………) “Martin, the sooner you answer my questions, the sooner you can go home, do we have a deal?” (Martin) “O…Okay” “Okay, are you from here?” (Martin) “No.” “Do you have any friends or family with you?” (Martin) “I have three friends that came with me.” “Do you know where they are now?” (Crying) (Martin) “Mmmmhmmm” “Can you tell me where they are?” (Martin) “I……….I want to forget about it.” “Martin if they are in danger then you have to tell me.” (Martin) “No!!!!!” “Where are they Martin?!!!!!” (Martin) “I will never tell!!!!” (Gunshot from the other room) “What the fuck?” (Pulls out Officer Chambers gun from his holster.) (Martin) “Don’t move!!!!” “Son, just calm down……..” (Martin) “No!!!! I told you!!!! I will not tell you how they died!!!” “It’s okay Martin, we know you came here with somebody else, just take it easy.” (Points gun to Officer Chambers) (Martin) “You don’t tell me what to do!!!!” “Your right, your right, I was wrong to tell you what to do, you’re the boss.” (Martin) “That’s right!!! YOU fucking shut up!!!” “Okay, I’ll shut up” (Martin crying) (Martin) “I wanted to save more of them, but that fucking island.” “What happened to your friends Martin?” (Martin) “We wanted to go on a haunted tour, me and friends been on so many you know? All of us had visited Transylvania, Salem, Ireland, Iowa; any place we could find that was really haunted and scary, but nothing compares to the last place went to……..” “Where was the last place you visited son?” (Lip quivers) (Turns head slowly to Detective Chambers) (Martin) “You’re with them aren’t you?” “WH-what?” (Points gun at Detective Chambers) “Whoa son take it easy, we’ve been through this already you don’t want to do anything you’ll regret, alright?” (Martin) “I told you I’m not going back!!!!” “I never said I was taking you anywhere Martin, you are in control here, as long as you are in this police department, you’ll be safe.” (Crying) (Martin) “I’ll never be safe from Wicker Isle…….” “Wicker Isle?” (Puts gun in mouth) “No Martin don’t!!!!!!!!!!” (Gunfire) (Blood Splatter) “May God forgive those who set foot on this island, for they know not of where they trespass.” -Unknown Survivor
We are Malice Ink, a team of talented individuals from Guam that takes our visions and bring them to life. Currently, the members of our team are Jessica Antonio, Jerome Guzman, Christopher Ancheta, Vincent Alave, and Marlon Anulao. Since we are from Guam, we know what it is like to be on a small island.
I'm sorry, but who was the actual author of this because it really sucks! It hurt to even try reading it with all the sad mistakes it has with spelling and grammar. Did you guys even read it over before turning it in for sale? 9.99 is not worth buying this piece of crap story. Even the description alone has errors. You guys need to get it together and write better stories cause this one is really bad.
justin Lebowitz 
I am glad that you had fixed any mistake that needed to be fixed. It has an interesting storyline and it was filled with mystery. I myself love horror novels. $9.99 was actually worth my money.
Ashley Swanson 
I do not know what Justin is talking about when he says "sad mistakes". It was definitely a good read. I would recommend this to my friends.
John Castro 
I personally really enjoyed this book. I don't know what mistakes Justin is referring to, but it seems that they were fixed. $9.99 was worth my money. I would recommend this to my friends.
Nick Mastin 

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