Chess Guide  the  Positional Play
Chess Guide the Positional Play
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The purpose of "Chess guide : The positional play" is to explain to the beginners and the intermediate chess players the basic elements of the positional play: Weak squares , open files, half open files , control over the center, kingside pawn majority, queenside pawn majority, pawn structures, mobility of the pieces, bad bishop, advantage of the bishop pair. "Chess guide : The positional play" includes the descriptions of the positional elements and the illustrative games of the grandmasters. After reading the descriptions, you can examine the illustrative games analyzed and annotated by the author in order to better understand how the positional elements are executed in practice. Learn how to improve your positional play skill in order to beat your opponent.
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Can Aydinoglu is the owner and the editor of the chess site : . He is currently publishing the chess news about the tournaments around the world.

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