Dating  on  the Edge  of Tomorrow
Dating on the Edge of Tomorrow
E-Book (available as Mobi files) What's This
This is a short story about the pedictions of 2012. It is set on a small stage of a man's and a woman's life. There is humor, love, tension and hope for what the future brings. This book started out as a graphic novel but because of the timely nature of the subject it needed to be published before the art was finished. There is a handmade version of this story if you are interested.
Just a little information, for those that think about these things though I am sure you have already heard it. In fact, I have been surprised that it has not been the title of a television special. I can see it now, the credits roll then the screen goes black then it jumps out at you in brilliant colors - 12/21/2012 = 666!
a long time lover of the science fiction stories. one who likes to put things together to surprise the reader.

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