Purple  People  Eaters
Purple People Eaters
Playing with Imaginary Friends
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Purple people eaters is a book that is a must read for anyone who loves to smile at a parody of life. In “The Screw Tape Letters”, C. S. Lewis was known for his ability to show the evils of our world in a way that made one smile and think.

When one enters the world of the purple people eaters, one enters a world whose reality is warped. It is like going into a Star Trek Convention and thinking this is real life. The Vulcan mind meld becomes a great way to find out the truth but one might not want to accept that truth to live by outside the Convention. But the purple people eaters have figured, yes figured, out a way that they impose a Star Trek Convention on the whole world. When a purple people eater says beam me up Scotty, they expect/know it will happen.

If you think you are or want to be smart, cleaver, powerful, or in control and you are not a purple people eater then you really don’t know a thing.

It is like the old joke; "Someone wants to become a CEO in America and is asked: Well did you go to Harvard? ...No?! ...Sorry." This is a good Purple people eater joke.

They bleed purple smack down. In the United Methodist Church those who bleed purple produce some great sporting events. Usually the events are hosted by geographic areas of the Church called Conferences. I must admit that I really did not realize that those who bleed purple were such great fans of professional wrestling. Maybe if I had understood this I would have been more understanding of what was happening in the Conference the past few years. Over these years we have had some unusual occurrences that did not make much since in the scheme of things but for the fact that we have some devout wrestling fans. When you realize that those who bleed purple are fans of professional wrestling it all comes into better focus.
The author is a United Methodist Minister.

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